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Feer The Dear Dame Time In Milwaukee.

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Yesterday after months of speculation on where Damian Lillard would end up the Milwaukee Bucks came out of nowhere to trade for him. It was in July that Dame asked out of Portland and he told the Trail Blazers trade me to one place only and that was to Miami. As the months went by we all thought me especially since I am a Heat fan that it was going to be Dame Time in South Beach. But Pat Riley didn't want to give up all of his assets to land a 33 year old in Lillard and Portland and Miami really had no trade discussions. In fact Portland General Manager Joe Cronin didn't care that Lillard wanted to go to Miami. Lillard didn't have a no trade cause meaning Portland could trade him anywhere, there was a lot of chatter that the Toronto Raptors were closing in on a deal but it never happened. There was talk that if Dame wasn't traded to Miami he would make it ugly for teams and not show up. Lillard isn't that type of guy the dudes a professional he just wants to win a NBA Championship and ball. Here's the full trade that went down yesterday.

The Bucks Receive Damian Lillard

Trailblazers Receive the following players and picks.

DeAndre Ayton from Suns

Toumani Camera from Suns

Jrue Holiday from Bucks rumors are that Portland will trade him to a contender hopefully Miami.

2029 1st-round pick from Bucks

Two first-round pick swaps with Bucks 2028 and 2030

Suns Receive Grayson Allen from Bucks

Keon Johnson from Trail Blazers

Nassir Little from Trail Blazers

Jusuf Nurkic from Trail Blazers

It's a lot I know but that's everyone who was acquired in the blockbuster for Dame.

The Milwaukee Bucks become the odds of favorite to win the NBA Championship because they now add Damian Lillard who is a offensive scoring machine with unlimited range to go along with The Greek Freek Giannis Antetokounmp. This is terrifying for the entire NBA and Giannis didn't sign his extension yet but I am sure he will stay In Milwaukee especially with Dame Time in Milwaukee.

#Dame Time in Milw

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