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A Return to NBA Glory-The 2021-22 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors

I first would like to congratulate the Boston Celtics on a fabulous season they beat my Heat in Miami in game 7 so respect to them. This is about the Golden State Warriors and there return to the throne. A few years ago the Warriors had the worst record in the NBA Klay Thompson was hurt again with a second ACL injury. They made a trade a few seasons ago for Andrew Wiggins and most people said he isnt that good but obviously they we’re wrong. They got young guys like Jordan Poole, Kevin Looney, Gary Payton the second. What this Warriors team did this season was very special they got Klay Thompson back and they were rolling They swept the Denver Nuggets who had back to back MVP Nicola Jokic. Then they beat a upcoming Memphis Grizzlies team led by sensational Superstar JA Morant in 6 games. Finally they finished off NBA phenom Luca Doncic and the Mavericks in 5 games. It took Golden State 6 grueling games to win 3 straight over a very good Boston Celtics team that has a great Defense. I just feel that the experience of the Warriors overmatched the Youth of the Celtics. Oh and by the way Stephen Curry averaged 32 points a game in this years NBA Finals. His shotmaking is like nothing the NBA has ever seen before and u can see him getting emotional after the NBA title victory. This wasn’t the most talented team they just were complete. Stephen Curry won the NBA Finals MVP trophy that was the one thing that was eluding him. Everyone has there opinions but they keep bashing Curry. In my mind this finals MVP cements his legacy as a top 10 All-Time Great Legend and one of the Best Basketball players of all time. Coach Steve Kerr has now won 9 NBA Championships 5 as a player 4 as a coach. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green will go down as one of the greatest trios in NBA Finals History. In closing as the World is changing some things just stay the same. Congratulations to the 2021-2022 NBA Champions Golden State Warriors. Simply Golden once again.

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Mark Tiger
Mark Tiger
Jun 19, 2022

Fantastic. Very well written lots of valuable information. I really enjoyed reading it. keep up the great work.

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