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The NFL is back for another great season

Well Everyone it's that time of year where you get out the chips and dip because the pigskin is finally back. Tonight starts the 2023 season with a possible Super Bowl preview featuring the Reigning Defending Super Bowl Champion Rams vs Josh Allen and the mighty Bills. Each week I will be doing my daily picks for college football and nfl for the upcoming weekend. I will pick 5 games for each with a spread. This season is going to be very different with new players in different places. Carson Wentz is now back in the NFC East as he tries to lead the Commanders to the playoffs. You got Russel Wilson now in Denver who returns Monday Night to Seattle where that should be a incredible atmosphere. By the way Good luck to the new Monday Night Football crew Joe Buck and Troy Aikman they should be great. Good Luck to everyone's teams this year unfortunately my Giants I don't expect a lot out of but it's a brand new season so u never know. The road to Arizona for Super Bowl LVII begins.

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