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A Dynasty in the making. Back to Back Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs

I want to begin this my Congratulating my Mom who in the Survivor Pool where we started with over 1300 people for making it to the Super Bowl. Even though she came up short just imagine what she did it was truly improbable. She's walking away with 30 k not too shabby. This is a blog about the now Back To Back Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs. During most of the year this Chiefs team didn't look like a SB contender but little should we know they got Patrick Mahomes who to me is maybe the greatest Quarterback I have ever seen next to the G. O A T Brady. The guy is just amazing he makes football fun. Mahomes was 34/46 for 333 yards including 2 Touchdown passes including the game winner to Mecole Hardman Jr. Mahomes had a 99.3 Quarterback rating. As for the San Francisco 49ers they came into Super Bowl 58 really not playing great football they could of lose to the Packers and the Lions. Quarterback Brock Purdy in his first ever SB went 23/38 for 255 yards 1 TD pass with a Quarterback rating of 89.3. For the Chiefs Travis Kelce had 9 receptions for 93 yards. 49ers phenom offensive player of the year Christian MCCafrey had 22 Carries for 80 yards this was a slow SB for the first 3 Quarters but the 4th Quarter and OT was epic. So the new Overtime rule means both teams possess the ball in OT. The 49ers got a FG and that setup the brilliance of Mahomes who found Hardman Jr to win the 3RD Super Bowl for Kansas City in 5 years. Taylor Swift has her moment with SB Champion Her BF Travis Kelce. Chiefs Kingsom you should be very proud of this dynasty. I Congratulate the San Francisco 49ers on a sensational season they just keep running into Mahomes. I Congratulate the Back to Back Super Bowl Champions Chiefs.

#Chiefs Back To Back SB Champions.

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