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AFC And NFC Championship Game Predictions.

First off I would like to Congratulate my Mom who entered this Survivor pool that started with over 1300 people. She is one of the last 4 standing it's a amazing run and let's hope it continues as she needs the Chiefs to win today to advance to the Super Bowl. Everyone let's Congratulate her on an improbable run so far.

AFC Championship Game Predictions.

In this heavyweight fight I actually have Show time Mahomes and the Chiefs advancing to Super Bowl 58 over Action Jackson and these red hot Baltimore Ravens in a close one. Chiefs 28-24 over the Ravens.

NFC Championship Game Predictions.

I have the San Francisco 49ers advancing to Super Bowl 58 as I feel they are too tough for this Lions team who had an amazing ride. 49ers 34-17 over the Lions.

#NFL Championship Game Predictions.

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