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The Fall Of Bill Belichick. What has happened to the Patriots.

This year so far has been a complete disaster for the New England Patriots. 5 Year Quarterback Mac Jones has struggled big time so far this season. Jones stats so far are 1,208 Yards with 5 Touchdowns and 7 Interceptions with a Quarterback rating of 74.4. He make's terrible Decisions where he throws the ball to the other team really on some horrific passes. At Alabama Mac Jones was good that's because he was In the perfect situation with Nick Saban. It's not all his fault this Patriots offense continues to sputter there Offense Line is a complete mess. Way too many penalties and this offense to me looks like it's completely broken. In fact the Patriots haven't scored a offensive touchdown in 12 quarters untill new Pat Zeke Elliot scored against the Las Vegas Raiders. The Patriots only loss 21-17 to the Raiders so they were in the game but Quarterback Max Jones took a horrible safety near the end of the game, he can't hold onto the ball that long. New England has been outscored by the other teams a stunning 58-0 off turnovers this season. Last season they only allowed 37 points off turnovers all season. You also wonder how great of a Head Coach Bill Belichick is, he had the G O A T Tom Brady for all those seasons so obviously that would help anyone. Right now Belichick is looking for answers and maybe it's finally time to call it a career. He is still to me the Greatest Head Coach ever. Something had to be done this Patriots team needs new life new blood something. If Max Jones keeps struggling look for them to draft Number 1 Overall pick Caleb Williams from USC. Assuming the Pats finish with the worst record in the league. Once a prominent Dynasty has all of a sudden sunk hopefully there's better times ahead for this team.

#The Fall of Bill Belichick

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