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The Dumbest play in NFL History

So the Las Vegas Raiders we're playing the New England Patriots on Sunday. The Raiders needed a win to keep there slim playoff hopes alive while the Patriots were fighting to keep there hopes also. This was a wild wild game with a ending you have to see to believe. The Patriots were winning 24-17 when Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr found Keelan Cole in the back of the end zone to tie the game at 24. Then this is where it becomes absolutely insane. Patriots get the ball really there trying for a game winning field goal or at least Overtime. None of that ever happened as Patriots QB Mac Jones gave the ball to Running Back Rhamondre Stevenson over the middle where he lateraled the ball to Patriots WR Jacobi Myers. So then Myers for some strange reason instead of going down decides to throw the football across the field on the final play of the game. Jakobi Myers used to be a QB in College but the cardinals in is you never ever throw the football across the middle of the field. Jakobi Myers was then intercepted by out of all people former Patriots Linebacker Chandler Jones who would do the unthinkable he wound return it all the way for a game winning touchdown. You can call it the Las Vegas Lateral or whatever bottom line is this game should of went to overtime instead it will go down as the worst play in the history of the NFL. I give Jakobi Myers all the credit in the world he stood up and took every question that shows class after one of the most bizarre endings ever. It's a horrible loss for the Patriots and a huge win for the Raiders as they try to keep there hopes alive.

#NFL Dumbest play ever

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