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NFL History

The Minnesota Vikings were playing the Indianapolis Colts last Saturday and to be fair the Vikings were really supposed to beat the Colts at home pretty badly. That wasn't the case as the struggling Colts jumped all over Minnesota they were up at halftime 33-0. Kirk Cousins was getting intercepted the Vikings did nothing to stop the Colts. Matt Ryan was on fire the Colts run game was great. So the second half started and that's where everything changed the Vikings Defense was like a pack of wild wolves they were relentless. Kirk Cousins started catching fire Justin Jefferson made great catches. Vikings running back Dalvin Cook did great. No team in NFL History had ever came back from being down 30 pints or more in the history of the NFL. Matt Ryan who one day should be in the NFL Hall of Fame is now apart of 2 of the biggest meltdowns in NFL History. Matty Ice and the Falcons were up 28-3 in the Super Bowl against this guy called Brady. You're heart breaks for Ryan he has just been on the opposite side of bad luck. Saturday was a miracle in Minneapolis.

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