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Matthew’s Daily weekend 5 pack College Football and NFL Picks

College Football Picks

#4 Undefeated Florida State by 24 over Wake Forest.

#6 Undefeated Oklahoma by 14 over Upstart 5-2 Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas.

#1 Undefeated Georgia over 5-2 Florida by 17 in Jacksonville, Florida.

#13 Utah to upset # 8 Oregon by 3 in Utah.

#3 Undefeated Ohio State by 17 over Wisconsin in Madison.

NFL Picks

Bills rebound over Buccaneers by 14 in Buffalo tomorrow night.

Cowboys over Rams by 10 in Dallas.

Dolphins to also rebound over Patriots by 14 in Hard Rock Stadium.

Chiefs over Broncos by 14 in Denver

Ravens over Cardinals by 17 in Arizona

#Weekly College Football and NFL Picks

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