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Duval County-From Worst to First. AFC South Champions

This is the story of the 2022 AFC South Champions the Jacksonville Jaguars. Last year the Jaguars had the worst record in the league what a difference a year makes. It all started in the offseason where they hired Super Bowl Champion Head Coach Doug Pederson. Before all of that the Jags drafted QB Trevor Lawrence with the number 1 pick in the 2021 Draft from the university of Clemson. Lawrence is built like a tank at 6 ft 6 he's only 23 Years Old. Jacksonville also drafted pass rusher Josh Allen whose a beast on defense. They Drafted Allen in the 2019 NFL Draft. There owner Shadid Khan has done a fabulous job with this organization it just goes to show u can be in last place and turn everything around in one year. Last night it came down to the struggling Tennessee Titans vs the Hot Jaguars in Jacksonville where it was winner take all. The Titans had the lead at the end but QB Joshua Dobbs of the Titans went back to throw instead he was strip sacked the ball came loose. Josh Allen of the Jags picked it up and returned it to for what would be the game winning defensive Touchdown to win the AFC South Division for the Jaguars. QB Trevor Lawrence has had a very good second season he had thrown for 4,113 Yards with a 66.3 Completion Rate. Lawrence had 25 Touchdowns with only 8 Interceptions. Jacksonville could be a tough out in the playoffs especially since they get to host next week. Congratulations to the 2022 AFC South Champions Jaguars you guys deserve it.

#Jaguars 2022 AFC South Champs

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