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Chiefs Outlast Bills in maybe the greatest NFL Playoff Game ever

Sometimes when you get 2 of the leagues best teams in the NFL in the playoffs it doesn’t always live up to the hype but boy oh boy did this one ever. In a game for the ages the Chiefs outlast the Bills 42-36 in a OT thriller. My heart breaks for Bills QB Josh Allen who played the perfect game. Here are the stats for Allen who was flawless he was 27/37 for 329 yards with 4 TD passes and 0 Ints he also had 11 Carries for 68 yards. On the other side Patrick Mahomes was flawless as well in fact both Quarterbacks were 60-81 that’s insane. Mahomes was 33/44 for 378 yards with 3 TD passes and 0 ints he also had 7 Carries for 69 yards. The Quarterbacks were absolutely incredible it was a duel for the ages and this rivalry is only starting to begin but for some reason it seems like the Bulls who were destined to get to to the SB this year keep running into Kansas City. Bills WR Gabriel Davis set a NFL Playoff Record for the most TDs in a game with 4 he had 8 snags for 201 yards he was fantastic. Tyreke Hill for the Chiefs was great as well as he had 11 snags for 150 yards including a breathtaking TD late in a wild wild 4th quarter. This game will be talked about in really the last 2 minutes as both teams combo for 25 points in a absolute shootout no one could stop anyone. Buffalo thought they figured KC out when Josh Allen hit Gabriel Davis with only 13 seconds left but Mahomes got KC down the field very quickly and Harrison Butker made a game tying 49 yard field goal after earlier in the game he missed a huge extra point. So this game went to OT and whoever won the coin toss was going to most likely win the game. The Chiefs won the toss and Mahomes later in the Drive found All Pro TE Travis Kelce in the corner of the end zone to end a instant classic and sent the Chiefs to the AFC Championship game for the 4th straight year making history no team has ever had 4 straight Championship games. If there’s one rule that has to be changed it’s in OT I feel even if a team scores a TD the other team should have the right to tie them it would be more fair. Be aide Josh Allen never saw the field in OT. This game was absolutely incredible and ur heart breaks for Allen but Mahomes proved why he might be the best QB in the game. I will be picking the Championship games later this week what a game.

#NFL playoffs instant classic

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Mark Tiger
Mark Tiger
Jan 25, 2022

Outstanding article

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