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Chiefs Kingdom is back to Glory

Super Bowl 57 is now in the books and what a incredible game it was to what Eagles Fans are calling a bogus Holding Penalty at the end of the game. Look I myself hate the Philadelphia Eagles I hate there fans I feel like they totally disrespect Cowboys QB Dak Prescott who won the Walter Payton Award for his work on and off the field. Eagles fan booed him which shows no class anyways I want to first talk about the holding Call. Okay so I understand it was the Super Bowl but the fact that Eagles CB James Bradbury said it himself that it was a holding call means it obviously was. He was hoping the Refs would let it slide. LeBron James said the Eagles were robbed let's be honest why would he say that he's a Cowboys fan if anything he should be happy Philly lost. Look I don't like the Eagles but QB Jalen Hurts at 24 Years old played a flawless SB he had a crucial fumble but Here are his stats. Hurts was 27/38 for 304 Yards 1 TD Pass incuding 3 Rushing Touchdowns he tied Broncos Legend Running Back Terrel Davis with SB Rushing Touchdowns. The Eagles got nothing out of Running Back Miles Sanders. WR Devonta Smith had 7 Catches for 100 Yards and WR AJ Brown had 6 Catches for 96 Yards including 1 TD. The Eagles led the Chiefs 24-14 at halftime. Chiefs Phenom Patrick Mahomes got hurt he re injured his ankle and everyone was like oh here we go again there done. The Dude comes back in the second half and hobbled was incredible I have no idea what that guys made of he's simply the best. The Eagles had no answers for the Chiefs Offense they scored on every possession in the Second Half. Erasing a 10 point Lead into a thrilling 38-35 SB Win. Patrick Mahomes Stats were okay there not going to blow you away but in the end he was named Super Bowl MVP for the Second Time. Mahomes was 21/27 for 182 Yards including 3 Touchdowns. Travis Kelse had 6 catches for 81 yards including 1 TD. The guy seemed to be open on every play it was the Kelce Bowl. Jason Kelce plays for the Eagles it was the first time brothers squared off in a SB. I Congratulate the 2022-2023 Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs. The Kingdom has another SB Championship

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