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Blast Off Houston Astros 2022 World Series Champions

Say what you want about the year 2017 where yes the Houston Astros did cheat to beat the New York Yankees and LA Dodgers with Electronically sign stealing. But that was 2017 this Astros team has so much talent and a bullpen that I haven't seen that great in years. This one's for Manager Dusty Baker whose only thing on his Cooperstown resume was winning a World Series. Oh and there's this phenom called Jeremy Pena who only batted 345 with 4 HR and 8 RBIS. This kid whose only 25 was named the World Series MVPe becomes the second rookie to ever be World Series MVP. This Astros team won 106 games they were the best team in the American League all year and they swept my Yankees which no one saw coming. I also would like to congratulate Rob Thompson and his gutsy Philadelphia Phillies team that ended up winning the NL Pennant. Philadelphia had the Astros up 2-1 but then it was all the bullpen of the Astros. This year the Astros took off and they should be Congratulated on there World Series Title regardless of what you think about 2017.

#World Series Champions Astros

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