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He had the whole world in his hands. The tragic death of Bray Wyatt.

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

This is off topic I understand this is supposed to be a sports blog, but something didn't sit with me right last night after hearing the news of WWE Superstar Bray Wyatt passing away. Windham Lawrence Rotunda better yet known by Bray Wyatt suddenly passed away yesterday at the age of only 36 years old. Rotunda had attracted Covid 19 earlier this year it went into his heart he was recovering pretty well but suffered a fatal Heart Attack that would unfortunately kill him yesterday. Rotunda was trying to make a comeback but couldn't his last ever match was a Mountain Dew against now very popular Superstar La Knight. Whose catchphrase is with everybody saying it yeah. Who knew that would be the last ever match for Rotunda. Rotunda had one of the most creative minds in WWE History. His story telling was incredible his promos were fantastic but was really never given a chance by Vince McMahon who fired Rotunda in 2021. Triple H whose the Chief Content Officer of WWE and McMahon's Son in Law bought Rotunda back in 2022. Rotunda whose father is Mike Rotunda who used to go by the name of IRS back in the old days. He has a brother named Bo Dallas who the big rumor is there's this character in WWE called Uncle Howdywho is supposed to be portrayed by Bo Dallas. Rotunda portrayed a freaky scary character called The Fiend where he would appear on a show called the Firefly fun house. WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss joined Rotunda for a while and The Fiend was a transformation of Rotunda it showed what a brilliant creative mind he had. His big moment his real only moment came in 2017 where he would win his first ever WWE Championship inside the Elimination Chamber. Wrestlers like Rotunda come every now and then but his creativity and the mind that he had, I will always remember. My thoughts go out to family and to his GF Jojo and there 2 children. They have a Son named Knash Sixx who was born on May 18,2019 and a daughter named Hyrie Von who was born the following year on May 28, 2020. In closing there will never ever be another Bray Wyatt he had a whole life to live 36 years old is way too young. RIP Bray you're buddy Brodie Lee is in heaven waiting so you 2 can recreate The Wyatt Family.

#RIP Bray Wyatt

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